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Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai Movie In Hindi Torrent Download phydaeg




 . . an upper caste landlord while he is out to fetch his water carrier. She is raped in the middle of the road by five men. In the absence of her family, a local don has a friendship with a gang leader, and informs him of what had happened. The gang leader decides to punish the rapists by torturing the woman. After she is tortured for the night, she is convinced by the don to sign away her testimony in court. The don accepts the challenge, and tells him that if he succeeds in doing what he has to, he will have the woman for himself. Plot The film begins with the rape of Preeti by five men. Preeti is tortured for two days by the goons. The court finds her guilty of 'Lustful eyes', but the punishment is only imprisonment of 7-10 years. The criminal goes free, and the village is further divided on the issue of the punishment. A local don is a friend of the gang leader, and tries to intervene with the woman who was beaten. The don's plan fails when he is killed by the goons, the police ask for the people of the village to give up their bodies, or else they will be killed. The don's son is sent by his mother to get his body. The police end up killing Preeti's father. The don's son meets with the gang leader. He says he has heard about Preeti's ordeal and agreed to the terms of the don. He tells the gang leader that he must get Preeti to drop the charges in court. The goons agree, and the don's son takes Preeti to a remote spot. He rapes her on the way. Preeti meets with her parents at the hospital. The don has Preeti trapped at his house, with a gun. He asks her to drop the charges. Preeti reveals that the police have informed her of the don's death. The police and the don's family plot against him. Preeti is kidnapped again, but this time the goons come with guns. They throw acid on Preeti's face and burn her. The don and Preeti's father decide to go to the police. The police, however, try to save the don and his family. They then try to kill Preeti and her father. The goons come to save them, and Preeti stabs the goon who is




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Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai Movie In Hindi Torrent Download phydaeg

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