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Miss Cora Smith's

Last History Lesson

On Love


Gilead, Ill., 9/15/1898

 Miss Cora Smith

Batchtown, Illinois


Dear Miss Cora,

         I know you think I’m slow bout writing, which I am, but you know a boy on a farm has a good deal of work to do.

         If you have no objections, I would be very much pleased to have a date with you next Sunday evening “Come about two o’clock.”

         Donny and me went to church that Sunday evening. He found Maggie at church.

         I guess the roads are too dusty to take a buggy ride now, it has been ever so long since we have had rain.

         I will be very glad when I got at school once again, but I don’t like Batchtown. The school is all right but I hate to stay in town all winter.       

Write and let me [know] about the date as soon as you can. I remain as ever.

         Your friend, Allen DeLong

         Good by.


Excuse this poor writing. and such a long letter


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