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What We Do


If you’re reading this, you know how book publishing has changed mightily with consolidation at the top and elsewhere an array of sometimes bewildering alternatives for writers who have something to say.


New Bay Books combines elements of traditional publishing and self-publishing, referred to as hybrid or partner publishing. We can take a great idea or manuscript to a finished book, with a range of editorial assistance and custom book and graphic design in conjunction with Shelden Studios.


Along the way, we take care of matters with the printer, distributors and Library of Congress, tasks that can seem overwhelming. Authors invest in production but keep creative control, intellectual property and most of proceeds from Amazon and big-distributor sales—plus what you sell yourself.


We choose authors whose stories we find appealing and likely to sell some books.

Editorial Services

We help writers overcome barriers to publishing by partnering to produce a high-quality editorial product. To that end, we offer a range of services, from creative editorial assistance early to working with manuscripts that writers have taken as far as they can. Our editorial eye looks for good stories written well and fluently.


Beyond initial consideration, we also offer manuscript evaluation and in some cases more intensive developmental editing. Full or partial manuscript evaluations can help writers know what works, or doesn’t, as far as story and structure. In more in-depth development editing, we likely will ask you questions and offer some rewriting to suggest how your words might better come together.


Manuscript evaluation and developmental editing are billed at an hourly rate on a case-by-case basis.


What kind of books do you publish?

Non-fiction, fiction and poetry—even cookbooks.


How can I have my book considered for publication?

Email us a letter of introduction, a synopsis and first chapter. We will analyze what you’ve sent and get back to you in two to four weeks.

What if I haven’t written the whole thing and only have the idea?

We can work with you at all stages of development if we like what you bring us, and we can help with every aspect of your book project. Every project requires its own custom approach.


What happens when my book is done?

We  assist you in getting your book into the hands of readers, enabling your sales through Amazon, IngramSpark, mass emails and our social media presence. With your participation, we assist in publicizing your book and advising on gatherings to celebrate and sell.

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