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Chronicler …Editor …Teacher …

• Former Bay Weekly editor and publisher

For 28  years, I brought the stories of Chesapeake Country to the pages of our independent, family-owned news and feature weekly. Since January, 2020, Bay Weekly has been in the capable hands of Chesapeake Bay Media.

•  Journalist

I've discovered, reported and written thouands of  stories chronicling four decades of American history in the making

• Mentor: teacher and editor

I've guided thousands to fluency, hundreds to publication

• Memoirist

Recently I've  turned my mastery of the craft to recounting family history as narrative for a magazine article  and a book in progress.

Read my recent piece in Kentucky Monthly -- Am Liking This Life Just Fine -- based on a young soldier's letters 100 years ago to ,y cousin Cora, a country school teacher in Calhoun County, Illinois.

What's New —New Bay Books. Our brand new publishing house, bringing together Chesapeake Bay readers and writers. Coming soon: Arpeggio of Redwings by Audrey Scharmen, A collection of sixty encounters with Chesapeake Bay nature to take as seasonal tonics to refresh your notion of what kind of place this world is.

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