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Nonfiction: Big Muddy Blues -- True Tales and Twisted Politics along Lewis and Clark's Missouri River; hard cover. Originally published in 2005 by St. Martins Press/Thomas Dunne Books.  Autographed.

Big Muddy Blues

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America's longest river stretches from Montana to St. Louis and drains almost 600,000 square miles in ten states and parts of Canada. It is also a ceaseless venue for political intrigue and environmental destruction as the Army Corps of Engineers sliced up and dammed the willful "Big Muddy." The river has been home to Native Americans -- a big part of this story -- along with explorers, river pirates and steamboat travelers on its way to becoming one of the nation's most endangered rivers. Big Muddy Blues traces changes in the river back to Lewis and Clark, focusing heavily on a 21st Century fight stretching from Three Forks, Mont to Washington DC and involving Congress, the White House and federal courts.

"So rich in anecdotes, so populated by colorful characters, no brief summary can convey the range of information and the writing style that flows so pleasantly." St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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