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By Andrew Schneider and Kathleen Best

Subtitle: An Investigative Reporter's Global Quest to Nourish the Soul


214 pages



While two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Andrew Schneider traveled America and the world on assignments, he gathered recipes for a cookbook full of wonders. Schneider, who died in 2017, didn't get to finish the book. But his wife, Kathleen Best, a Pulitzer winner herself, assembled Scheider's lifetime collection of recipes and combined them with tales of from whence they came. Soups, Stews & Stories is being called two books in one — "both of them transendent, a superb chronicle of the creativity and passion of a great chef, with recipies that will bring joy and satisfaction to your home — and a biographical look at one of the very best Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists of our time," said author and journalist David McCumber. Soups, Stews & Stories is gorgeously designed with work from fine photographers, Schneider among them.



Soups, Stews & Stories

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