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What we do

We Publish Books

What's a writer with something to say to do?

Getting your book published is both harder and easier than ever.

      On the one hand, consolidation at the top means fewer publishers and less opportunity — even for writers who’ve got the track record establishment publishers look for.

      On the other hand, publishing on demand makes it easy for you to publish electronically and in print. You can self-publish — and risk all the mistakes that a writer without an editor is liable to make. Or you can hook up with one of a bewildering — and often very costly — array of indie publishers.

   Then there’s New Bay Books.  

    New Bay Books is a partner publisher, combining elements of traditional publishing and self-publishing. We can take a great idea or manuscript to a finished book, with a range of editorial assistance plus custom book and graphic design in conjunction with Shelden Studios.

    At the next step, we handle printing, distribution and registration, including with Amazon and the Library of Congress, tasks that take heavy lifting.

    You invest in production but keep creative control, intellectual property and most of the royalties.

    As publishers we are editorial curators who partner with writers who bring us a story (or idea) that’s appealing and likely to sell some books. Get our attention with a good story told in prose that’s clear, cogent and correct. Poetry simply has to speak for itself.


#Q What kind of books do you publish?

#A Non-fiction and fiction titles, and poetry.

#Q How can I have my book considered for publication?

#A Email us a letter of introduction, a synopsis and first chapter, We will analyze the potential of what you’ve sent get back to you in 2-4 weeks.

#Q What if I only have a few chapters or maybe just an idea?

#A We can work with you at every aspect of a book project, including manuscript evaluation and developmental editing, if we like what you bring us.

#Q What happens when the book is written?

#A We oversee expert book design and layout, take care of printing and ebooks if desired and open channels of distribution in our associations with Shelden Studios and Ingram Content Group.

#Q Is there a normal process? And how long does it take?

#A Every project requires its own customizing. Our aim is to produce a book in six months.

Our Editorial Services

Making manuscripts sing...

We help writers get their books in print by supporting them with high-quality editorial assistance. We offer a range of services, from early creative guidance  to working with manuscripts that writers have taken as far as they can.

#1. Initial review

Yea or nay to our partnership after reading your submission package: contents and sample chapter (plus your letter of introduction).

#2. Manuscript evaluation

Our thoroughgoing review of a representative chunk of your work, analyzing story, structure and style. The evaluation includes a partial line editing as well as detailed analysis and recommendations.

#3. Developmental editing

Developmental editing takes your manuscript to its ideal. In partnership, we edit your work line by line, for purpose, structure, paragraph, sentence, word and punctuation. You in turn respond and revise until we are both satisfied with its clarity and effect. Editing at this level is typically a two-stage process — at least — for both writer and editor.

#4. Editing for correctness and consistency

Every New Bay Books manuscript goes through editing for correctness and consistency. Have you changed a character’s name midway? Used commas and capitalization consistently? Spelled proper and trademarked names correctly? Followed the doctrine of Fair Use in quoting other people’s work?

We help you to the right answers on each of these questions.

Along the way, we proofread your manuscript by expert eye, check spelling and remove extraneous spacing.

— Manuscript evaluation and developmental editing are billed at an hourly or project rate.—

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