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From Johnny Clegg: Inspiration

At the dawn of 2021, where is your inspiration coming from? Books? Music? From elsewhere in our culture? We'd like to hear from you about your source of inspiration; we suspect you have several. On this day, ours comes from the late South African musician Johnny Clegg. His is a message about living in the moment, about seizing these days — our days — relevant now after losing so much of what life has to offer these past months.

"These are the days you remember,

These are the days of dreams.

The days of no surrender.

These are the days of thunder,

These are the days of light.

These are the days of wonder

We are the river running,

We are the mighty sea.

Feel the spirit and the power.

Clegg, who died in 2019 at age 66, was known as "the white Zulu" for his music and his anti-apartheid labors, Let us know if you'd like to hear about my interview with him at his home in Johannesburg.

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Susan Nolan
Susan Nolan
31 dec. 2020

Thank you for sharing. This is the first I've heard of Johnny Clegg. His style is certainly very different but the lyrics remind me of Billy Joel circa 90s.

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