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We publish and sell a growing list: Anthology •  Fiction • Gardening • How to • Narrative reporting • Memoir • Narrative nonfiction • Poetry • and more

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The lost manuscript of an 1890s Montana police reporter, chronicling excesses, millionaires and tragedies on what was 'the richest hill on earth'.

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"A quietly heroic tale of two women's voyages through disease and dying with voyages on Chesapeake creeks that offer comfort and grace."
                    Tom Horton, naturalist and author of Turning the Tide and other books from Chesapeake country.

A Little About Us

What’s a writer without a reader but a voice calling out in the wilderness?

What’s a reader without a writer?

There is no such thing. Uniting writers and readers over good stories (poems, too) is the mission of New Bay Books, a new publishing house for Chesapeake Country. To that mission, my New Bay Books partner (and husband) William Lambrecht and I bring more than a quarter century of experience.

The mission inspired us to join with son Alex Knoll to create New Bay Times newspaper back in 1993 and to sustain a journalism enterprise for twenty-seven buffeting years. New Bay Times continues as Bay Weekly, now under the ownership of Chesapeake Bay Media. The mission — finding, developing, editing, publishing and distributing good stories for good reading — continues with New Bay Books. 

What does our mission mean for you?

To readers, New Bay Books brings good books …

To writers, New Bay Books brings opportunity ...

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